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Phavour is the mobile platform that connects University students with local opportunities.

Phavour is more than just an app, it is a lifestyle.
Our aim is simple… Make. Students. Money.
How can Phavour help you?

Student Users

Phavour allows you to opt-in and out of work on your own terms.

This means no more job interviews, tedious CV writing or juggling between your studies, social life and work.

Whether you are a keen dog walker with an hour to spare or fancy a late-night freelance coding gig – we’ve got your back.

You don’t even need an account to go and have a look around. To start earning, simply select some of your skills and our algorithm will start recommending suitable tasks in no time. If you really can’t wait, you can take a look at One-Off tasks in your area.

Student Users
Job Posters

Job Posters

Your problems are now only a Phavour away from being solved.

Whether you need an extra pair of hands moving furniture in your home or you run a pub that’s a bit too busy, quickly post your task on Phavour and we will match you with the perfect person in your area to help you out.

Most payments are done through the app and our rating system ensures you will have the safest, most efficient and best quality of work without the fuss of organising it. It’s as easy as ordering a pizza, only with Phavour you are ordering the person that makes the pizza!


Adopt your own version of our Phavour platform

The best part is, your University can have their own version of our technology meaning if you run into any problems whilst lining your pockets with us you can talk to someone in-house and face to face like the olden days. If your university hasn’t got a version of Phavour – request for them to get involved.

Make It Wild Make It Wild tree Make It Wild tree
We work with Make It Wild and plant a tree on behalf of Phavour users for completed tasks.

Just when you thought you couldn’t love what we do anymore, every time (roughly) someone does someone a Phavour through our app, we plant a tree on behalf of that person. What is even cooler is that if you’re a company that wants to offset your CO2 emissions then we can sort that for you too!

Easy Peasy Lemon Tree-zy?

Meet the founders behind Phavour:



Lliam Casey went to Asia in the hope to find a job, but ended up thinking of a way for everyone else to get one. Running the Phavour team with a clear vision, focusing on innovation and upholding its core values is Lliam’s passion.


Meet the team