The Rise Of Digital Fitness

As the world begins to return to normal, we're returning to some old habits and learning some new ones. Will you be returning to the gym? Will you be opting for virtual fitness classes or are you excited to get back to a real-life gym?

29th September 2020
The Rise Of Digital Fitness
Written by Ryan Tuck

As the world begins to return to normal, we’re returning to some old habits and learning some new ones. Will you be returning to the gym? Will you be opting for virtual fitness classes or are you excited to get back to a real-life gym?

The Impact On The Global Fitness Industry

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the global fitness industry. The pandemic forced gyms to shut down and now the number of virtual fitness classes and apps has risen dramatically. As a result, platforms such as Peloton have seen their stock prices soar. Personal trainers have updated their job roles to creating online programs and delivering them via Zoom to their members. Consequently, fitness consumers have increased their spending on digital fitness by 30%-35% during the pandemic. As COVID-19 is still extremely prevalent, professionals have estimated that around 30% of consumers will continue to stick with their digital fitness routines rather than returning to the gym.

There are over 360,000 personal trainers in the US alone. The impact of COVID-19 and the rise of the digital fitness market has seen many personal trainers set up their own businesses and brand. Creating at-home session plans, outdoor boot camps, and livestream workouts has become the norm for many of these personal trainers. Designing their own brand allows them to monetise their content without an intermediary. ‘I think a really scary thing that might happen is that the smaller studios that can’t pay their trainers as much will start to lose their trainer’ says trainer Anthony Crouchelli. ‘Because trainers will say ‘I make this much on Zoom, so why would I come to teach at this studio when I make $45 a class when I can make $150 online?’ 

Instant Fitness

In today’s market, the consumer expects immediate gratification. Gone are the days of waiting for packages to arrive, waiting for a taxi to pull up, and going to the bank to make a transfer. The fitness industry is about to experience the same demand. Instead of going to the gym, consumers expect the fitness to be delivered to them. Be it via digital apps, livestream social media sessions, or personal trainers on demand.

Exercise Benefits

It’s been claimed that exercise is essential to help improve physical and mental health. Check out some of the benefits of exercise listed below from Norwalk Hospital:

Boosts the immune system: Research shows that regular, moderate-intensity exercise has immune-boosting benefits. These benefits might even help your body fight off infections, including COVID-19.

Prevents weight gain: Exercise can help you burn extra calories caused by dietary changes and offset the effects of sedentary activities.

Reduces stress and anxiety: Exercise is a proven mood-booster and can help adults reduce stress levels and build emotional resilience.

Improves sleep: There is evidence that suggests regular exercise helps you fall asleep faster and improves sleep quality. And, getting a good night’s sleep has also been found to boost your immune system.

Beneficial for older adults: and people with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease. Regular exercise can help to improve balance, flexibility, strength, mobility, and cardiovascular health. Additionally, it can boost energy and overall well-being.

How We Can Help

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