Most university students work while in school, but the positions they take vary wildly. Low-income students end up spending more time working in less rewarding positions, and it takes a toll on their academics, social life, and graduation rates. How can we fix that?
1st December 2020
No work? No careers fair? Finding valuable experience and boosting your employability this lockdown isn’t the easiest thing to do. Graduate schemes are more demanding than ever, yet the current situation is more restrictive than ever; here are three ways to fix that.
24th November 2020
Many students don’t realise the importance of balancing schoolwork, maybe a job, and getting proper rest. It’s a challenge, but the sleep cycle can provide many benefits if you’re willing to challenge yourself.
17th November 2020
For students, money is often tight. Whether looking for deals and bargains or trying to find ways to make some extra cash on the side; students usually need to be quite savvy with their finances.
10th November 2020
Its digital platform is designed to match university students with the perfect paid task instantaneously. Described as ‘the ride hailing app for making students money’ the platform includes several work opportunities from simple one-off tasks like walking someone’s dog or cleaning someone’s car to gaining transferable skills to boost future employability with freelance work surrounding their field of study.
7th November 2020
The newest game craze in the COVID-19 pandemic, Among Us has been one of the latest games to take the world by storm. The multiplayer game allows you to join your crewmates in a goal of teamwork to save the players on the ship.
3rd November 2020
Phavour’s ethos has, and always will be, to bring value to the student experience. Therefore, in preparation for the launch of our app, Phavour is running multiple interdisciplinary projects, in partnership with students' unions, open to all students across the academic year, starting with Phasos.
29th October 2020
It’s no secret that internships are now considered a ‘golden ticket’ when it comes to progressing your post-graduation career. The common and often disheartening misconception is that internships are only available to you if you are wealthy, well-connected, and London based but that is simply not true.
27th October 2020
In an ever-developing online world, we’re free to reap all the benefits. However, this doesn’t come without new threats. Naturally, you’re going to want to protect yourself from these threats. But what about when these tools aren’t actually doing what they’re supposed to?
20th October 2020