With 2020 forcing people out of offices and into a world where remote work is the norm, we're taking a look into how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the future of how we work.
19th January 2021
Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, most industries are continuing their work from home streak as we head into the new year. But what about sustainability? Can working from home save the planet? And how can we play our part in reducing our carbon footprint from our home offices?
12th January 2021
Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you this special blog to give you the very latest information on an amazing phenomenon: the internet. Hold on to your hats, you will never be able to forget… the day the earth stood still. Sort of.
5th January 2021
Every year thousands of international students from across the world venture to the US to receive a world-class education, compete in their sport on an athletic scholarship, and to conduct research with access to cutting edge technology. But this impressive opportunity doesn't come without its challenges.
29th December 2020
What is Gen Z like in the world of work? Some misconceptions describe them as lazy or needy and craving attention and praise. But should these excuses be used to neglect a whole generational workforce?
22nd December 2020
Stay at home orders have impacted the global community. Now, finding ways to keep yourself motivated and regimented can feel begrudgingly difficult. The great thing about taking on a hobby or finding a creative outlet is that you do it for your own self-fulfillment.
15th December 2020
People often use the terms job and career interchangeably. However, there's a distinct contrast between the two and it’s important to understand the differences between them.
8th December 2020
On Saturday 28th November—with three weeks' notice—I ran my first marathon to support this year's Movember campaign. I’d only ever previously ran a 10k. But on Saturday I ran from my hometown of Hartlepool to the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle Upon Tyne, 42.2km, in just under six hours.
1st December 2020
Most university students work while in school, but the positions they take vary wildly. Low-income students end up spending more time working in less rewarding positions, and it takes a toll on their academics, social life, and graduation rates. How can we fix that?
1st December 2020
No work? No careers fair? Finding valuable experience and boosting your employability this lockdown isn’t the easiest thing to do. Graduate schemes are more demanding than ever, yet the current situation is more restrictive than ever; here are three ways to fix that.
24th November 2020