How do I get paid?

All of the payments happen through the application. Your virtual wallet sits on the application and you can withdraw money from it whenever you like. Easy peasy.

How much commission does Phavour take?

If your University doesn’t have their own version of Phavour then sadly we have to take 15% commission on One-Off Tasks and Freelance jobs. Hopefully this is a number we can drop down as we get more users. If you attend a university with their own version of Phavour then the rate of commission is decided by them, but it will never be more than 15%.

Can I report another user if something goes wrong?

Of course! Our users are our number 1 priority and creating a safe, digital space for people to earn money is our dream. You can report users or jobs through the application or contact us through this website. If your university has their own Phavour platform speak to a member of staff and we will work with them to resolve any problem.