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The Student Freelancer

Student Users

A degree is an extremely valuable tool. Most students go to University to study what they are passionate about so that they can spend the rest of their life making money doing something they love. But why wait until you’ve graduated to start doing that?

Creating a freelance network for University Students is a big aim for Phavour – giving students the chance to earn money and gain experience by doing something they love is our dream. A dream that is a reality through the Phavour app.

Whether it’s graphics design in the library, script writing in a coffee shop or some serious coding throughout the night. We want to give the students of the UK work experience that helps them stand out to future employers and earn them a bit of money at the same time.

Job Posters

Whether you’re a company with hundreds of employees, two friends who have started a band or a local cafe who want to build their identity, everyone could always use an extra pair of hands from time to time. From logos to screen acting, web development to text translation – there’s always going to be a day that a task comes along that you really need some help with.

You could reach out to an agency, set up some calls and listen to sales pitch after sales pitch of silver, gold and premium pricing models. You could advertise a temporary position on your website and settle for applicant number 2 of 5 because their CV was the funniest. Or you could also post a Phavour to a network of the country’s most engaged, eager and valuable individuals and help them help you.

No need to interview, no need to read cover letters and no need to move the dusty printer to make some desk space. Post the Phavour and get an instant match, start chatting to your Student Freelancer instantly and most importantly set your own budget.

It’s as easy as ordering a takeaway, only instead of ordering a pizza, you’re ordering the person to make you the pizza.