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Lliam Casey – CEO

  • Came up with the idea of a freelance marketplace in 2017
  • Previous experience working in an Asian tech startup
  • Founded Phavour Ltd. with Charlie in 2019 when they both worked at a trampoline park

Charlie Eve – Creative Director/COO

  • Degree in Film & TV Production
  • Freelance Videographer – focuses on content marketing


Phavour Ltd is a data processing company that centres around the development and commercialisation of a mobile platform-based application. The platform focuses on facilitating access to part-time employment, one-off tasks and freelance work for its users who will be predominantly university students. Through this application, corporations can access a very specific demographic of people that offer high value to market their products or services. Our team will ensure to establish a new method for day to day users to earn money, starting with tomorrow’s workforce; today’s academics.


Phavour Ltd. is headquartered in the UK at:

Hartlepool Innovation Centre
Venture Court
Queens Meadow Business Park
TS25 5TG

The Phavour application will initially be exclusive to the United Kingdom as it grows into its own marketplace before expanding internationally.


Phavour Ltd. is currently in the process of building the first iteration of the Phavour platform.


Phavour is being built for a variety of reasons

  1. To build the most sophisticated, trustworthy and professional freelance marketplace there currently is.
  2. To help students juggle the impossible balance of social life, studies and money by giving them a platform on which they can earn money without having to commit to a part-time job.
  3. To revolutionise and become the defacto standard with the process of employment, putting people’s unique skills and personality first.
  4. To increase productivity and work efficiency nationally.


Currently, Phavour Ltd. is made up of the two managing directors, Charlie and Lliam, but the team will quickly be expanding in the new year.

Staff Photos

Photos of our staff can be accessed here.

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