w About - Phavour


Phavour’s aim is simple:

To create a digital environment where people can find work on their own terms, seamlessly and efficiently whilst offering a secure platform for people to be paid and manage their revenue streams.

We all know the tedious process of applying for a job too well:

  • writing CV’s
  • sending email
  • getting references
  • writing cover letters…

The steps are endless and you normally don’t even get any response (what’s that all about?).

If you go back 20 years and told someone to carry 30 million songs and 32,600 hours of film with them all day they’d have to get a fleet of lorries to haul CDs and DVDs around. Today, we just use Spotify and Netflix.

If you took someone to a foreign country with no cash and no map and told them to take themselves to the best book shop in the city they’d have to find someone who spoke their language to give their opinion on the best bookshop and give walking directions. Today all it takes is a Google search and an E-Hailing app and you’re there.

The same goes for finding a romantic partner, banking, taking and storing photos, drawing and creating documents. However, if you went back 20 years and told a student to apply for a job, they’d do the exact same thing you and I would do today and even 20 years ago that was a hassle.

Phavour is creating a digital space where earning money is as easy as texting a friend.

Your Phavour account will store all of your skills and abilities in one place meaning when a job or task is posted that’s a good fit for you, you’ll be matched instantly! There’s no need for references as you get rated as you work and to avoid any uncomfortable phone calls or professional emails you can chat with the job poster instantly in a friendly relaxed setting.

Phavour doesn’t limit you to doing part-time work. We understand that juggling studies, a social life and a job at Uni is almost impossible which is why introduced One-Off Tasks and Freelance opportunities to the platform. If you know you need a bit of money before the weekend then why not find a One-Off Task in the area. This could be walking someone’s dog or maybe cleaning someone’s car. Easy money. If you want to capitalise on the skills you’re building through your studies then why not do some Freelance work for a small business in the UK. This way you’re getting real work experience in your career field and you’re getting paid to do it in the comfort of your room.